A small company looking for BIG Talent.

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  • Musicians who perform their own songs

    Our desire is to promote talented artists performing songs they have written or found through our service!

  • Singers who don't write their own songs

    Can't write music, but can sing? We are looking for artists that have something unique to offer on stage!

  • Songwriters who don't perform or sing

    Can't sing, but write really good songs? We need you to come onboard! Let us hear what you've got!

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Amanda talks about Studio One Publishing...  

Studio One Publishing Inc. is a registered publisher with ASCAP.com. 

Some of Our Team Members


Video Representative.

Studio Drummer.


Transcription Services.

Some of the things we are offering:

Online sales of merchandise

Got a cool T-Shirt? You can sell your stuff online with us.

Recording help when needed

Need access to a recording studio? Need you vocals tuned? We'll help.

We handle your paperwork

Get your songs registered with the Copyright Office by us.

Links to your videos & music

We can host your music & videos on our site or link to your site.

We do your scheduling, management

We can take care of all your schedules and help manage your career.

We track all your sales made

We're set up to host your music and collect your money for you.

Downloads of your music, videos, etc.

We can host any files you need for downloading.

We promote your music

We will be actively promoting your music online and getting you attention.

We can store all your content

You can store your songs, videos, and files here with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still own my own music ?

How do you pick someone to represent  ?

What about songwriters ?

Do I have to pay for this service ?

How do I submit my music to you ?

Do I have to sign a contract ?

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